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Marketing Corporate Identity and Branding - What's the big deal?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Every business has its own uniqueness that make it stand out from the other businesses. They must thrive on brand identity because it is the only way to project your value to the target audience and customers. Create a positive psychological effect, and stand out from your competition.

Branding is a way of giving your business an identity that will speak even when you are not present. The service rendered, the mission, the logo, and even your business websites are all statements. Brand identity takes advantage of various marketing elements to make a bold statement to the target audience.

Some of this elements or methods used for brand development include:

  • Websites

  • Business Cards

  • Visual materials like flyers, banners, screens, etc.

  • Product logo and Packaging

  • Online presence including email signatures and digital business cards

Brand identity is not just a logo as some might perceive it to be. It requires several advertising materials to convey the message. A brand can only be created after thorough research, and the definition of the products have been made. This is coupled with organizational goals and mission to create consistency across all platforms. And at the same time, an organization should create that tone that projects trust to potential clients.

Benefits of Brand Identity

There are obvious benefits that can only come from branding; some of them are:

  • Awareness and Identity

Branding brings a level of awareness of the existence of your product or service to your target audience. Any organization can easily be identified because of a strong brand identity. By creating a brand and then using your selected advertising materials, your business is easily identified by the target audience. In other words, the more your brand is noticed, the more chance you get at obtaining new customers.

Branding gives your business a professional outlook; as your prospect begins to come across it, your organization can create its image. This is why you must project a strong identity with branding. It could earn your business more money based on the perceived value your brand projects to the audience.

When it comes to brand identity, an organization can easily be singled out as an entity different from the owner(s). Except one is looking to build a brand around himself to be that public figure instead of the organization, the organization brand becomes the asset when the need arises. Most importantly, every brand identity must be able to convey the core values and overall message of your business.

  • Differentiation

There is every tendency that your product is not the first to get to the market and may also not be the last either. This is why your product should be unique from every other competition or potential competition.

Brand identity helps separate your product from the rest, which is the only way your customers can demand your product and help you stand out for potential customers to find you and patronize. A well-designed brand can convey that needed message and draw out the right decision from potential customers. Brand identity is psychological because it can create pictures in viewers' minds and force out favorable responses.

  • Builds trust and loyalty.

Brand identity creates a notion in potential customers that you mean business and mean what you say. When you fulfill the organization's mandate to two or more customers, you are rewarded with a reputation. When your brand says it and your customers experience it, you build a level of trust and loyalty.

Customers can connect your brand with the service rendered, and if it fits, they are impressed, and many times they promise to come again. A good experience with the company is a pointer that your organization can be trusted because the brand is the initial projector of the organization's ability.

  • Projects Stability

There is a level of consistency that a brand identity projects. When designs or Logos are consistent on all advertising elements, your product is seen the same way. It projects a consistent message to customers and potential customers.

Little or no doubt will come from strong brand identity and because brand identity helps project organizations and allows them to remain in the competition. When business personality is being put into brand identity, you can almost say such an organization is true, profound, and deliberate about continuity. This naturally projects stability.

  • Global Presence

You take your business off the shores of your region through brand identity. Because of the various marketing instruments now present to explore, marketing can carry your product to the world's regions in minutes. You can get yourself a foreign investor or clients in a matter of minutes because of proper branding.

Brand identity can speak for you when you can't speak for yourself, especially in distant situations. It can travel faster than word of mouth because anyone can have access to it at any time. This is why a properly-designed brand can enhance your business on a global scale.

Finally, brand identity is not a one-time thing. Creating a continuity system to monitor the projected identity and readjust if need be will help revalidate your product's presence. As long as the brand captures the vision and reaches your target audience, it's a sign of progress. Keep in touch with the online presence and review of your products or services from your customers.


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