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Website Content That Gets Results in 2021

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Content is what brings readers to a website, so it needs to be informative and interesting. Poor content causes readers to look elsewhere for what they need and boring topics mean they likely won’t stay on the website long. So, how do you create amazing content that’s going to get readers to stay on the website? Use the following tips to find the right ideas and narrow down the topics to the best options before writing anything.

Check Out What Readers are Talking About

Social media profiles can be a great source of information and can provide new ideas for topics to cover. Browse the profiles for any followers to find out what they’re talking about and what they’re interested in. Almost any social media website makes it easy to get more information about followers. Use this information to find topics they might be interested in reading more about or that might grab their attention and keep it.

View Blog Comments to Look for Topics

Blog comments should be left on to encourage discussion amongst the readers, even though care does need to be taken to filter out spam comments. Periodically, go through the blog comments for some of the most popular posts and see what the readers are writing about. Do they have questions that could be perfect for an idea for new content? Or do they add information that could be expanded on in a new article? It can be possible to get many ideas from the readers themselves depending on the types of comments that are left.

Ask Readers What Information They’re Looking For

One way to find out what the readers want is to simply ask them. Post on social media asking what they’d like to learn more about or send out an email to everyone on the list. Many will likely respond and provide ideas that can be used for future content. Readers love being a part of the decision process, so will likely be more than willing to give a few ideas that may be great for new content. Keep these ideas saved somewhere convenient so they can be reviewed any time new content is needed for the website.

View Competitor Websites to See What’s Working

The competition is likely creating new content for their website as well in an attempt to draw in more readers. While it’s never a good idea to steal content or plagiarize, it is possible to look through their content to find out what topics seem to be more popular. Use the same topic, but create completely unique content for it. Always ensure that the content is not only different but better than what the competitor has posted to bring in more readers and keep them on the website. If they’ve viewed the competitor’s website in the past, they don’t want to see the same information. Take the topic ideas and create completely new content that adds information the readers are looking for.

Try to Incorporate Major Events

Major events around the globe may not have a direct impact on the business, but they could be used to generate topic ideas. While watching the news, keep an eye out for anything that could be a potential topic. Right now, the coronavirus is a huge concern throughout the world. Business owners are posting their responses to the pandemic and creating content that talks about what they are doing, even if their business is not one that is directly impacted by the pandemic.

Look Back at Previous Content for Ideas

Old content can be a fantastic source for topics to write about. Though these topics have already been used, there may be a way to get ideas for new topics. For instance, if a previous article was simply an overview of a process, new content could include step-by-step details for each part of that process. Try looking for a new approach to older content to see if it can be written about in a new way. If there is older content that is now outdated, create new content with the updated information in it. This keeps the information fresh and ensures the readers have the most updated information possible for the topics they’re interested in learning more about.

Use Tangential Thinking

Tangential thinking, also called lateral thinking, is a way of sourcing new topic ideas from content that has already been written repeatedly. Even if a topic has been thoroughly covered, it may be possible to use tangential thinking to find a new angle to tackle. Read through the older content and see if there are any sentences that could be the jumping-off point for far more detailed content. Or, look into how things are different in another country and talk about all of the differences. This is a way of thinking outside the box, learning to spread out topics even further than expected.

Start Narrowing Down the Topics

Once there is a list of topic ideas, it’s time to narrow them down and find the best ones to use for new content. If the topic sounds boring, go ahead and skip it for now. If it will require significant research or time to put together, it may be a good idea to set it aside for the moment and come back to it later. If an idea seems interesting, go with the gut feeling and place that on the short-list of potential topics. Then, look for ideas that are going to be highly relevant along with something that is going to be exciting for readers to view. What’s left after this are the top topics to focus on throughout 2020, and each of these steps can be done over again to create new topics in the future.

Writing content isn’t easy to do when it’s hard to come up with the right topics to check out and consider. However, the tips above should make it easier for you to find plenty of content ideas for the new content. Once the content is created, thanks to proper research and ideas, the new content will help draw more readers to the website and help ensure they stay on the website and interest in reading more about the topic. For help creating a content rich website please check us out at Cyber Connections

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