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Website Rebuilds - Are They A Waste Of Money?

Website Rebuilds – What are the Benefits?

When was the last time you updated the look of your website? If it has been a while, it might be time for a website rebuild. Instead of updating a few things here or there, a website rebuild is a complete redesign of your website. Modernizing and updating the website can have a number of benefits that can impact your company and help bring in new customers. Some of the top benefits to expect will include the following.

Update the Website’s Look and Feel

If the website looks like something from the 90s, it’s time to update it. The first impression a customer has when they visit the website is crucial, so make sure it’s a good one. Website designs have changed significantly in just the last few years, so make sure yours keeps up with the modern trends.

Create a More Professional Look

If the website looks like it was designed by an amateur, it’s time to update. If the website was designed with templates or themes used by many other websites, getting a new, more professional look would significantly improve the website. With an update, the website is going to work properly, be easier for customers to use, and give off a much better first impression. A website rebuild can get you the professional look the website needs.

Make the Website Easier to Navigate

Websites need to be easy to navigate to avoid driving visitors away. Suppose a customer visits the website and wants to make a purchase. If they can’t find the information they need or the product they want to purchase, they’ll look for it on a competitor’s website. By rebuilding the website, you can make it easier to navigate and keep the customers on the page.

Improve Load Times

How long does the website take to load? With today’s easy and fast internet access, visitors aren’t going to wait long for the website to load. They’ll just click back and look somewhere else for what they need. To get visitors to the page, websites should load in less than four seconds. Website rebuilding can help improve your load times, so no visitors have to wait to see what’s on your site.

Reduce the Bounce Rate

High bounce rates can happen for a number of reasons, but no matter why they happen, they need to be fixed. The bounce rate is when a visitor goes to your website just to leave again immediately. If the rate is high, it means something is wrong, whether that’s the load speed, the navigation, or the outdated look of a website. When a bounce rate is high, rebuilding the website can help lower it and keep visitors on the site.

Easier Way to Upload New Content

Websites today need to be updated frequently. New content should be added regularly, and existing content should be easy to edit and update. If your website was designed years ago, none of this might be easy to do. By rebuilding the website, you can create one that’s much easier to update. Look into a website with a content management system (CMS), so you can easily update whenever it’s needed.

Make Sure the Website is Responsive

Something else that visitors look for today is a responsive website. Many people use mobile devices to search for what they need online instead of or in addition to a computer. What does your website look like when it’s viewed on a mobile device? If it’s not responsive and doesn’t adjust to the screen size, the visitor won’t stay for long. Website rebuilds include responsive designs, so you won’t miss out on any potential sales just because the visitor is on a mobile device.

Get Rid of Flash

Years ago, websites relied heavily on flash. However, this is changing, as flash isn’t going to be supported by most browsers anymore. In fact, it’s currently not supported on most mobile devices. On top of this, flash is not good for today’s website, as these websites load slowly and they can be incredibly difficult to navigate. If your website relies on flash, rebuilding can modernize it and get rid of all of these issues.

Increase Search Rankings and Website Analytics

Optimizing the website is a must today. This means adding new content regularly, decreasing the bounce rate, improving the load times, and a lot more. When a website is rebuilt, it can be constructed with website analytics and search engine optimization in mind, which will help it reach a higher ranking in search results. This, then, leads to more visits and an increase in leads.

Make Sure the Website Reflects Your Brand

If you’ve rebranded the company, the website isn’t going to represent your brand anymore. It needs to be updated to help attract the right visitors and to help improve brand recognition. A website rebuild can change the look and feel of the website to something that’s more reflective of your brand, helping improve your branding further.

Upgrade the Site’s Security

Website security has changed significantly in just the last few years. Any website can be hacked, but it’s easier on older websites that don’t have as robust security measures in place. If your website is older and outdated, especially if it’s using older technology to function, rebuilding the website can improve its security and help keep your data safer.

Increase Leads From the Website

The main reason for a website is to increase leads, and that can’t be done if the website is too old or outdated. When the website is rebuilt, it’s more attractive and easier to use, as well as easier to find. Plus, lead generation techniques can be used to gather new leads and turn visitors into customers.

Today’s websites are very different from the websites of the past, so it can be easy to tell if a website needs a major update. If your website could benefit from any of the above, it’s time to start thinking about a rebuild. Talk to a professional today to learn more about what’s involved in rebuilding a website and the specific benefits you would start to see right away.

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