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The Importance of SEO During the Covid 19 Pandemic

The whole world is facing the Covid 19 Pandemic with millions of cases of the novel Coronavirus. For this reason, governments all over the world has taken steps in order to limit the ways people interact. As a result, people has changed their way to engage with brand. It also changed the way people do business on a massive scale. Business with the help of SEO will know how to adjust to the changing marketplace. Because of it, the business will be able to strengthen itself now. They will also be able to set themselves up for success in the coming future.

Importance of SEO during this time

In order to stay viable and compete with audiences throughout this pandemic, a business needs to set up a strong digital presence with the help of SEO and content marketing. Many brick and mortar stores have been forced to close their doors. Thus, for such businesses the importance of digital advertisement and Ecommerce should not be overlooked. Customers, nowadays, are choosing online shopping. So, your brand needs to be present for these customers.

According to a recent survey, since March of 2020, Stats Canada says e-commerce sales hit a record 3.9 billion in May, E-commerce sales more than doubled year over year, with 110.8 per cent increase compared to May 2019. Online fashion merchants and pharmacies also saw a significant rise in their online activities. The report found that all 11 retail subsectors with e-commerce sales saw those sales increase.

To address to their needs, consumers are now turning to online markets. Thus, it is important for businesses to provide excellent online experience along with engaging content.

A brand needs to understand that much of this growth has occurred on different smart devices like tablets and smartphones. From March 2019 to March 2020, the use of these devices to conduct business has increased by 50%.

So, now it has become important even more to create high-quality content as well as digital experiences that can engage a customer through his/her mobile device. Thus, comes the importance of organic searches. With accurate SEO you will be able to track mobile engagement to your content. Maximizing your sales potential now will help you to lay the foundation for future conversions.

Using SEO and Digital Marketing

Here are some suggestions for thriving in this ever-changing market with the help of SEO and digital marketing:

Attracting new users

As more consumers are choosing to conduct their shopping online, you as a brand need to create targeted content that can attract new potential consumers to your website. When you are engaging with your customers, you need to find out about their concerns and interests during this difficult time of isolation and social distancing. This will help you to develop materials that can hold their interest and engage with them to turn them into actual buyers. A Search Engine Optimization company with help you to research keyword trends within your industry. They will help you find keywords that has high search volumes as well as low competitors. They can help you create the targeted content.

Connecting with users across multiple channels

You need to think about how to engage with consumers across multiple channels in order to maintain a strong presence with your consumers. Multiple channels should also include email, paid and organic. Your organic strategy needs to incorporate the targeted content mentioned above as it can help your brand to be more accessible in front of new potential and existing customers who engage with content online.

You need to continue using paid ad strategies as it can help you maintain a strong presence for targeted topics and keywords that can hold the interest of your numerous consumers even throughout this challenging time. This will help you with improved Google ranking.

A SEO company will be able to strengthen your relationship with past site users with the help of email. Segmented email list can allow you to target different groups of potential consumers based on their place in the buyer's journey, pain points and interest.

Staying at top of important trends

When you are building your organic strategy, you need keep in mind that the rapidly changing social situation will result in either rapid fall or rise of many trends. Thus, it is advisable to stay on top of the relevant and recent search trends. This is because, it will help you to come up with suitable targeted content strategy that can provide interest in your users. A SEO agent will be monitoring the trends and creating effective materials for your consumers. Trends will be identified at the beginning of their rise and you will have ample time to create content that is going to target readers and make them interested in your brand.

Maintaining relevant ads

The PPC campaigns set up by a SEO agent can help you to engage with customers. This will be done by maintaining strong brand presence for high-competition keywords. It will ensure that you brand can draw the attention needed for timely search terms. Google will be helping out those small-scale businesses that is struggling with their ad budget. It has announced a $340 million Google ad credits for them. So, if you already have Adword accounts, then you can take the support provided by Google. Google has allowed this to help businesses maintain their digital presence despite the turmoil seen in the business world.

Helping customers to think about the future

Most customers are working from home nowadays and are unable to live their daily lifestyle like they used to. You need to help them plan their future by planning what they will do once the pandemic ends. You can do this by supplying positive things to look forward for. A SEO agency will be able to present opportunities during this crisis. With their marketing and content campaigns, you will be able drive resources towards future sales and demands rather than current.

These are just a few reasons why SEO is important during this Covid 19 pandemic. So, it is highly recommended that you find the right company or agent who can provide the needed help. Do your research well and you will be able to find the right company for you and your business.

If your business needs help understanding SEO or the importance to your business please contact us we would be happy to help.

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