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Why Your Business Needs Online Presence in 2020

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The routines of most people were altered at the beginning of the year because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Many countries around the world went into periods of lockdown. Millions of people lost their jobs making it a difficult task to find ways to pay their rent and buy food for their families. But what if you had a business that could continue operating from home?

Many businesses could continue to operate and make money if they have an online presence. While many people in Canada might be dealing with financial hardships today, the first round of stimulus checks and unemployment for employees helped people get over financial hardships but there was one hardship that many people didn't think about which is boredom.

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic and the lockdowns that were put into effect afterward, many people were spending the majority of their days at home and the only businesses that had a physical location open were places where you could purchase food or toiletries. With people spending so many hours at home than before, people needed to find something they could do, and most people either found a hobby or continued the past-time they usually enjoy when they got home from work. The thing about hobbies is they all cost money regardless of whether you collect stamps, watch movies, or play video games. This is a good fact for businesses that sell products online because most people who had some spare money would spend some time online shopping. Besides being able to purchase items from your home and have them delivered to your doorstep, you could also search for whatever you want and find it immediately online instead of looking down a shelf hoping to come across what you are looking for. If you are selling your items online, you could benefit from millions of people who are participating in online shopping by making money from home.

Platforms that let you sell on their websites like E-Bay and Amazon are valuable because these websites have been around so long and are so popular that people will see the items you put on these platforms. One thing most people don't know is website development is easier than it ever has been before. Different websites will give you the templates needed so you can create any kind of website you want. The downside to selling on Amazon and E-Bay is these websites charge fees and the number of items you can have online is limited to whichever website you choose with different websites having different limits. If you create your own website, you can list every item you have for sale and customers can still use PayPal to pay for items. If someone wants to buy an item with a credit card, PayPal will handle that themselves so you don't need to worry about that.

One thing to keep in mind is how many people access the internet. Even with people forced to stay home, many people access the internet on their mobile phones instead of using a computer. If you do make the choice that you want to create your own website, you want to make that the website for your business is one of many mobile websites. For those who do not know, a mobile website is a website that will re-size itself so it fits the screen of everyone who accesses that website from a cell phone. The last thing you want to have happened is if you create a website then when people access it from their phone, things are cutoff which will make your website less appealing and drive off potential customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is website optimization. Like I stated before, Amazon and E-Bay get a lot of web traffic every day and that's why people pay the fees to sell on those websites. Your website will not be much help if five people are visiting your website every day. Website Optimization is known as Search Engine Optimization is something you should study so your website will get a lot of web traffic. In addition to finding more prospective customers, you could run advertisements on your website which will only bring in money if those advertisements are being seen by thousands of people.

Today every business should be selling online because as long as you got items or services to sell, you could be making money from home. Some people have lost their jobs and gotten into reselling merchandise online and found new careers from doing so. This pandemic has not been easy for anyone but one thing that can make this situation easier is resuming your job and businesses who have an online presence don't have to shut down during this pandemic.

Struggling to get an online presence, please contact us we would be happy to help

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